Scouts BSA attend Sea Base- Part 2 Sadie

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Part Two


The Nichols Family and Creemer family share lots of adventures together.  They have sons in scouting together. Various combinations have done High Adventure together.  They also both have sailboats and race them. They also both have daughters as founders of Troop 7220. 

Sadie Creemer has been a Girl Scout since she was 5 and is almost finished with her Gold Award.  She has been in a Venture crew and trekked to Philmont, Okpik, back to Philmont and now Sea Base. She, too, has watched her Eagle Scout brother in Troop 220 and wanted to share in those experiences. In fact, several girls in Troop 7220 have brothers in their linked troop.

Being elected Senior Patrol Leader put her “in a leadership position and allowed me to lead.” Experiences until now she had not had.  She uses the old scout adage as scouting being a safe place to fail to describe her experiences so far.  On this trip to Sea Base she says she learned to manage her money, buy her own food, consider others around her, be responsible and carry her own weight.

Sadie is self-proclaimed as ‘always outside, always moving.’ She was initially nervous about going to Philmont but upon returning couldn’t wait to go back. She says being outside has “helped me find my identity in this mother earth environment and what I want to do forever.” As with many that experience High Adventure trips, she considered the crew she trekked with lifelong friends.

In preparing for the Coral Reef trip, the crew quickly voted her the crew leader.  It wasn’t a matter of which troop the leader represented, but the best scout for the job. They bonded quickly and even had an impromptu ‘rap battle’ on the deck one evening. These times when scouts ‘unplug and make great connections are the most relaxing and chill time ever.’  These shared memories and bonds are what make High Adventure what it is.

The crew flew into Ft Lauderdale, spent the night then drove to Sea Base the next morning. While Sadie was used to swimming in lakes, she was a little unsure about the ocean.  She was surprised that you could see so many things. “Holy Cow! This is incredible!  It’s a different world-a different ecosystem!  Fish swimming beneath you!” They did 9-10 dives that week and even swam with a sea turtle. Sadie described the experience as ‘looking so real, not like a fish tank, but being in their own habitat.’

It was evident that Captain Chuck, on board his boat The Wanderer, has a passion for his boat and being with scouts.  He was very trusting letting them learn and try new things.  With Sadie’s racing experience she taught the Captain a few tricks on stealing the wind from other sail boats.

As is the custom at Sea Base, at the end of the week, a crew puts their troop patch up on the wall in the Galley. As SPL/Crew Leader Sadie had planned on adding T7220 patch on the wall. When the time came to place the patch, Sadie realized she forgot to bring one to share.  Quick call to her SM, she asked to remove the patch from her shirt.  Using her pocketknife, Sadie removed her hard earned, long awaited troop patch from her uniform and proudly stapled it to the wall for all to see.

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Two new Scouts. One High Adventure trip. Lifelong friends. History made.

Sea Base Alumni and Friends Association (SBAFA) is open to all who love Sea Base.  The website,, can provide all the details about membership and the upcoming Reunion Oct 11-13,2019.