Buccaneer Boxes


Buccaneer Boxes

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Buccaneer Boxes typically cost between $30-$35 and are sent to 10-12 program staff members. We are asking SBAFA supporters to contribute to this program in $5 increments - and give whatever amount they are able to support our staff! 

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"To help other people at all times...." It is what scouts do: we help others. Service can take on many different forms. Buccaneer Boxes are one way SBAFA contributes to the success of the Florida Sea Base. When staff agree to leave home and head to the Keys to work for the summer they leave many comforts of home. They are excited about the adventure that awaits them but are truly there to serve the participants. Buccaneer Boxes help to make their stay feel more like home! 

You can contribute to Buccaneer Boxes in several ways:

Let us pack a box! Adopt a program section with one box or whole summer of fun!

Pack your own box and send the fun yourself! Please let us know by clicking "I'd Like to Send My Own Box!" so we can keep track and make sure everyone is served!  

Any method you chose helps the staff enjoy their summer just a bit more. Be sure to include your contact information so the staff can contact you. The order form has a spot for you to include a message.

Reading material: Anything! Magazines related to the camp or department (paperbacks, comics, Uncle John’s, Darwin Awards, stuff that can be passed around. Games, puzzles, SODOKU, crosswords, cards.) Joke books or short stories would probably be a hit for Out Island, OAOA, Live Aboard and Keys Adventure (Remember to keep it scout appropriate!)

Any crew near the water: Avon Skin-so- Soft Bath Oil; headlamps; Sunscreen*; Swimmers Ear Drops; Gold Bond; diaper rash crème; mole skin; duct tape; Chapstick with SPF*; Dry bags/boxes; buffs; hand lotion; Neosporin (off-brand); cover for snorkel mask straps; Sunscreen; wet-wipes/towelettes, Rolaids, Airborne Cold, eye drops, Sunscreen; Chapstick with SPF, oh and sunscreen* and Chapstick with SPF*.

Other diversions: squirt guns, Nerf-anything, bouncy balls, bubbles, coloring books, paint-by- number (No water balloons). 

Snacks and Goodies: Everyone loves snacks, however, we are constrained by health regulations. Please be aware we have very specific regulations on food to Munson. It is best to contact your program section before sending any food.

*Please send coral-safe products whenever possible!