On The Reef - SBAFA Fundraising to support the staff of Sea Base

Posted: 12/21/2012

The Sea Base Alumni & Friends Association has as its mission the objective of supporting the staff and programs of the Florida Sea Base.  Our goal is to provide services to the alumni of Sea Base that will help keep former staff and friends connected to the place we love so much, but our primary goal is to support the current staff in ways that recognize their efforts and the sacrifices it takes to work at a place like Sea Base.

SBAFA Supports the Sea Base Staff
In 2012, SBAFA provided customized Nalgene water bottles to every staff member in an effort to help keep them hydrated in the Florida heat, and also to give them a momento that will keep them connected to the alumni association.
We also provided ice cream socials during the summer at both bases to provide a time of relaxation, fun and recognition for the current staff.

Staff Scholarships
As former staff of Sea Base, we are all too aware of the sacrifices made to work at a scout camp during the college years, sacrifices that can often make paying for school difficult.  We all know that nobody is getting rich working at Sea Base.
The SBAFA board has developed and approved a staff scholarship program designed to help deserving staff members get some help towards their education goals.  This helps the Sea Base by attracting quality motivated staff members that might not otherwise be able to work at Sea Base.
In 2012, SBAFA awarded two scholarships under this program to a couple of very deserving staff members.  There were more than 30 highly qualified applicants for these scholarships, and the selection was very difficult.  We are planning to award three additional scholarships in 2013 and steadily
increasing that number over the next several years.

We need your help!

Please join us in our support of the Sea Base staff by joining in our On The Reef fundraising campaign.  Directly below you can make a one time donation, or a three-year pledge to support these great programs and others.  The Sea Base Alumni & Friends association is a registered State of Florida 501(c)(3) charity and all gifts are tax deductible.
You can easily give online with confidence using the secure links below to contribute using your credit/debit card or your Paypal account.

If you would prefer to mail in your contribution, you can download the On The Reef form below and mail it in with your check.

We have outlined pledge levels based on some of the lighthouses we know so well in the Keys and contributions can be made in a single payment, or in three annual pledge installments.  No pledge amount is too small or too large, feel free to contribute in any amount that works for you.  Contributors at the Carysfort Light or higher level will receive a complimentary one year membership to SBAFA.  Contributors at the Sand Key Light or higher level will receive a complimentary lifetime membership to SBAFA.  Contributions at the Sombrero light or higher level will receive a commemorative gift recognizing their support of SBAFA at the completion of the pledge.

Click Here to get more information and join us in supporting the staff of the Florida Sea Base.




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